Hey. Alright, I’m going to be brief on this.

Some of you know me, I presume most of you don’t. I’m former Leader, Cadet Leader and many other ranks I can’t name.Apparently, this army is dead, the last post being from late 2012.This army means a lot to me, I was around a long time. So, my suggestions to keep this alive:

  • If you’re here comment this post
  • Merge with another army (is the ACP still around?)
  • Start fresh
  • Advertise on CP

Feel free to add any more suggestions.

“Do the right thing, at the right time”-Icy


I need a list of people who are truly in the army, possibly lurking around in the shadows in order for me to get under control.

Zigi and I can’t do anything so far. Cause we are only writers.

If you are here and existing, comment so I can create a ranking system. An email address would also be appreciated.


You know, if you actually read this.

We seriously need someone to make us admins.

We really can’t edit any pages since we’re only writers.

We have our plans drawn out, but we can’t put them into effect.

So. Yeah. Help.

– Mimo

Clean up.

Okay. Firstly, Zigi, have you been added?

Secondly, our first priority is to clean up the ranks page, chat page, and any other pages that are out of date, inaccurate, etc.

Afterwards, we need to inform CPA Central that we need advertising.

I think a reasonable deadline for all of this is next Friday.

Who’s in?

– Mimo1099

A message from Smallpengi12.


“Tbh, I can’t go back to CPA, will you tell everyone that I’m really sorry I left without saying goodbye, but I had really important reasons and that if they ever need any help I will always be there for them.

Please tell them, it’s really important!
Thank you :)”
This is an email Small sent me.
Let’s all wish her the best of luck 🙂
– Mimo