Hey. Alright, I’m going to be brief on this.

Some of you know me, I presume most of you don’t. I’m former Leader, Cadet Leader and many other ranks I can’t name.Apparently, this army is dead, the last post being from late 2012.This army means a lot to me, I was around a long time. So, my suggestions to keep this alive:

  • If you’re here comment this post
  • Merge with another army (is the ACP still around?)
  • Start fresh
  • Advertise on CP

Feel free to add any more suggestions.

“Do the right thing, at the right time”-Icy

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About Flip

Hi, I was a long time member of the CPA, I joined back in Indy's time. Im ex a lot of things (leader, vice leader, general, commander, sentry soldier leader, soldier, spy, spy leader...) I check the CPA site every now and then, so it's hard to localize me.

24 thoughts on “Dead?

  1. Im not in CPA, although I have considered helping out when I retired since I would hate to see an army with so much vivid history die. If you are going to merge, my current army, AR would gladly accept you. We have been first in the top ten 5 times, and are rising up to that position right now.

  2. I am in no point to accept, since I am not the leader. However, if no members of high rank reply, I will gladly accept your offer. But are you aware that this army is almost unpopulated?

  3. I’m currently in an army, but I wouldn’t mind helping such a grand old army rise again. I wouldn’t suggest a merge, as there is nothing to merge. I think it’d be best to “restart”. A fresh start would do this place good, I believe.

  4. I’ve redirected CPA to I would like it if you guys joined and helped me rebuild CPA.

  5. It’s a shame to see this historic army just cease to exist. Leaders must pass on administration rights when they leave or this is what happens. I know there are new soldiers who would luv to continue this armies legacy. But sadly it looks like they will never get the chance.

  6. Holy shit no one’s commented here in a while.
    I’ve gone back to my old name of Zigi. In 2013, I was able to come back to armies and I am currently a 4th in command of Water Vikings, a CPAC Top 10 army. CPA will be revived someday, by someone, but for now, it’s dead. Let it stay that way.

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