I’m surprised you’re reading this.

It’s Nosey47514, or whatever my name on Club Penguin was. As of March 29th 2017, Club Penguin servers will be shut down entirely to pave the way for a future game, Club Penguin Island. I am not here to try to start a revival of the old Club Penguin army, as it has been around four years since anyone posted on this site. I remember the days, the naïvety of us all and the fun we all had spending our time editing a wordpress site about our favourite pastime. That is something I, and many of you can look back on fondly. It honestly was an excellent way to spend late childhood, so thank you from me, whoever is reading this (provided you were active while I was between 2009 and 2012).

I wish you all the best for the future and I have no doubts that you will find a way to channel the effort you put into this site in its ‘heyday’, if you will, into something positive in your life. Remember, “do the right thing at the right time” ~Icy

Waddle on.



4 thoughts on “Demise

  1. I was not all that affected by the end of Club Penguin because it had been years since I’d been on and I hadn’t really thought about it all that much. Then, oddly enough, I had a dream in which I went on this site again, and I got kind of sad. I know this army is dead, I was just kind of hoping the legacy of CP Armies as a whole would be able to live on though. Oh well, maybe someone will ressurect it on the new app. That dream was about 10 minutes ago and I just woke up and came here. This army especially was a great part of my childhood.

    Good luck in life everyone,

  2. It’s funny how we decided to check on this site after so long. I’m just feeling incredibly nostalgic hahaha. Thanks for all the great memories, it’s funny how an online game held a place in our heart.
    Waddle on guys, thanks for all the great childhood memories!

    • Waddle on, Flip! Thanks for the post Nosey, and your words, Zigi. I echo what you’ve said. Wishing the best to you all.
      -Indy 11

      Here’s to the next journey in all of our lives.

      • Peace be with you all,
        Feels like 2006 was only yesterday.
        Goodbye, dear island, Club Penguin.

        -Indy 11

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