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Hi, I was a long time member of the CPA, I joined back in Indy's time. Im ex a lot of things (leader, vice leader, general, commander, sentry soldier leader, soldier, spy, spy leader...) I check the CPA site every now and then, so it's hard to localize me.


Hey. Alright, I’m going to be brief on this.

Some of you know me, I presume most of you don’t. I’m former Leader, Cadet Leader and many other ranks I can’t name.Apparently, this army is dead, the last post being from late 2012.This army means a lot to me, I was around a long time. So, my suggestions to keep this alive:

  • If you’re here comment this post
  • Merge with another army (is the ACP still around?)
  • Start fresh
  • Advertise on CP

Feel free to add any more suggestions.

“Do the right thing, at the right time”-Icy


What color?

Ok, I know that it has been YEARS since we’ve been in wars, I think w should update our uniform, you know just in case. I was thinking, we should change color. Most armies now adays (sorry dunno how do write adays hehe) most armies are blue, and our current uniform is quite old. There isn’t even a page called uniform and i think that’s a problem for the new-joiners, who might wonder what’s the uniform. I think we should make a page called “Uniform” and update it so we can stand out. We could be red, brown or something (not yellow cos of the golden warriors or something like that). So what do you think?


FLIP’S EDIT: Oh almost forgot, wars can help us get bigger. When I was in the DCP or i forgot the name, there were tons for wars so that help advertise and have new joiners. Come on we’re only about 4 or 5 people active, we’re not an army, we’re a squad man! What should we do?

Active count

Ok I know it was about time for me to make a post, it’s an actice count (if you read titles on posts you might already know). This will help things get sorted and blah blah blah…Ok most of you know how this thing rolls. If you don’t, read the following: First step: Copy the form that’s below on to the comments box (the box where you write comments). Second step: Fill it out. Easy isn’t it? Oh I almost forgot, we need someone to sort out the JOIN page.

EDIT FROM INDY: Gotcha covered, I’m just not sure If I am able to access the pages and editing yet…

EDIT FROM FLIP: I’ll see what I can do, i check if you’re already an editor and if not, I’ll try to add you


Penguin Name:


When you joined:

Are you active :

Will you be inactive soon?:

Any suggestions for the army?:

-CPA Strategist: Flip

Oh Yeah Great Comeback

Hello CPA peeeeps!! Wazzup yo CPA I did it! I managed to unlock the site so now im back! Yeeeep I cracked the code so Im back to assume my responsabilities in the site. So I would like to be told whats goin on…

Cya arround!

Don’t remember my rank plz tell me,




Ok, Mimo has quit, now the only ppl that comment daily are Timegirl and me and Bio and Dino or Porshe, I dunno if they comment cos of my recent vacation from the site. Now what? We need to do something like goin on other sites and advertising the site so here comes my suggestion of a new rank (as assuming my strategist place this is a strategy like the Flip-O-War (read my last post) and stuff like that and no more brackets) so an advertiser rank: This will be given to the most active members to secure that they will go on other armies pages and CP. Divisions: Field Adds man : They will advertise the site on other armies wars and on town even without a war. Site Adds man: Possibly the armies spies that the spies will spy other armies at wars and their sites to identify their strategy, So this guy or gal will advertise the site sayin how great it is and the link to the site. Also, I think the ACP has vanished, there are only a few soldiers arround and by few i mean about 3 and the site has broken down (i saw it when spyin them as my duty)……

I also saw that INDY recently commented and INDY IF UR THERE PLZ ANSWER MY EMAILS U KNO WHO I AM and im happy cos of that and I wanna remind u to see his videos at: http://youtube.com/jediindy he has some GREAT VIDEOS.

I dunno when but im goin on vacation to the beach but it’ll be untill 3 more weeks I suppose. Im takin bass classes!!! YAY!! I just learnt Vertigo (the song on the playlist) and the melody is carried by de bass oh yea baby im in a band (not im in the band tv show 😆 its funny (the show) ) AAH MORE BRACKETS!!!




Hi, its me Flip. First of all, I wanna thank Bio for my new rank and a reminder for him : change the header. You know that i said I’d be posting a strategy, and here it is:


First, we spy a medium army size getting a war, like DCP and in they’re war, we go in and try to beat them, then we go famous.


In war,someone will start shouting CPA CPA and then say the other armies are weak, so he gets chased, but outside there’s more of us that run away, all in same uniform so we go getting slightly bigger and in the end, we will beat them.

Its simple and makes us go famous so penguins will wanna join us and we will go bigger again.

What do you think?


P.S. Don’t miss the first match of the world cup this friday!! Mexico defeated Italy, now south africa is next. The “TRI” will rule again!


Hello, its me Flip. This is my first post in a while cos somebody took off my admin thingy. Ok, this is what i wanna say: this army is great, weve got ppl (or I think we have) we are well organized, we got a good leader even tgough he doesent play CP. So whats the matter with going into war? Somebody brigns the topic, we discuss it a some weeks and then everyone forgets and we get distracted. Even though when I was leader, we made an active count (Census) and only 5 ppl answered it. When theres a meeting, only Timegril, Mimo and Porshe and maybe Dino and me show up, that’s not enough! So now what? We are never gonna evolve if we go on like this! No one wants to ally us cos we dont do anything, they’d just loose power!

So now what!?