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An American internet dweller who has a love for many so-called 'geeky' things. My life is somewhat normal, with madness that comes along the way. For more, read my blog!


I need a list of people who are truly in the army, possibly lurking around in the shadows in order for me to get under control.

Zigi and I can’t do anything so far. Cause we are only writers.

If you are here and existing, comment so I can create a ranking system. An email address would also be appreciated.



You know, if you actually read this.

We seriously need someone to make us admins.

We really can’t edit any pages since we’re only writers.

We have our plans drawn out, but we can’t put them into effect.

So. Yeah. Help.

– Mimo

Clean up.

Okay. Firstly, Zigi, have you been added?

Secondly, our first priority is to clean up the ranks page, chat page, and any other pages that are out of date, inaccurate, etc.

Afterwards, we need to inform CPA Central that we need advertising.

I think a reasonable deadline for all of this is next Friday.

Who’s in?

– Mimo1099

A message from Smallpengi12.


“Tbh, I can’t go back to CPA, will you tell everyone that I’m really sorry I left without saying goodbye, but I had really important reasons and that if they ever need any help I will always be there for them.

Please tell them, it’s really important!
Thank you :)”
This is an email Small sent me.
Let’s all wish her the best of luck 🙂
– Mimo

Revival Strategy (please review, Bob.)

Revival Strategy

1)     Clean up the Join page, Chat, and Goals of 2012.

2)     Refresh the ranks. At the current moment, our ranks are completely inaccurate, being that (1) Nosey is gone. (2) Small is inactive. And (3) Bob1960s is now leader.

Leader: Nosey47514

Vice Leader: Bob1960s

Advisor: Timegirl4468


Vice General:


Vice Commander:



Private: Smallpengi12


Tank Drivers (infantry 2):

Foot Soldiers (infantry 1):

3)     Create more tactics. Circle and snowball isn’t always going to help.

4)     Remove the point system. Seriously.

5)     Change the theme. Maybe go back to Digg.

6)     Change the CPA Leader box. As I said, Small hasn’t been doing anything. This is your job, Bob.

7)     (optional) Create a new uniform.

8)     If we do revive our selves, tell CPA Central and ask to advertise.

Okay, Bob, please review this and tell me whether this is any good or not. Or leave some suggestions in the comments. Your decision.


Hello again, CPA.


My name is Mimo1099.

Being that, basically, it is now only Bob1960s, not many people are going to see this post.

But if there are few penguins lurking in the shadows, don’t feel shy to come out and meet me.

I was a member of the CPA a while back ago, when I was probably 10 or 11. I never worked my way up to a high rank, only getting up to Army General. But I was very, very active.

I quit about a year and a half ago due to real life commitments. But I still continued to watch after the army periodically. And what I’ve seen lately honestly makes me sad.

Bob1960s was the person who introduced me to the Club Penguin Army. Since I live so close to him, knowing him in real life and etc., he taught me everything about the army inside and out.

While I was a member of the army, I became very close to it’s members. I still keep in touch on a weekly basis with Timegirl4468, who is giving me advice on how to bring back the army.

I’ll say that I’m here to help out now. Bob has made me Vice Leader. I promise that I will be active like I was originally.

Hello again, old friends.