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Hi!  I just want you to know, if CPA falls into despair, then I have a great idea, but I will only tell you when there’s no one else that wants to be leader (or anything like that…)




No party today! Nobody commented, nobody is here. I have to admit, I have been away because of piano exams, ear infections, friend’s farms, sibling’s ballet classes, etc. But, I have checked every day and no one is here. So, I have a new temporary rule:

If somebody doesn’t come on for 9 days, they will be demoted one rank. If they come back, it would be easier for them to get their old rank back than normal promotions, but they would just have to work as hard as possible, show willing and come to as many events as possible.

Get it? Got it? Good 🙂


P.S Starting with you, Debob.



I think that it would be a good idea to have a party on CP. To make things interesting, I am going to do a competition linked with it. Here are the details:

I want you to decorate your igloo to the theme Puffles. If you win, you get to have the party based in your igloo. I want all entries in by Monday the 12th. The winner will be chosen using a poll. The party date and time will be decided by me on Thursday 15th. Email entries to me at smallpengi12@gmail.com!

Good luck!


Yay! It’s my birthday! This will be posted a day later than my birthday, because I forgot to post it.

I’m so happy! Today, the 5th of March is my birthday! Bananas everywhere will be celebrating! So far I have got a Marks and Spencer top, a DS game (42 all time classics) and a Club Penguin membership. I’m going to open the rest of my presents later.

I am turning 12 today, so it is the last year of my ‘innocent’ childhood. The last year where, when you make mistakes they just say ‘She’s only a child’. This time next year, I will become a teenager. I have made several desperate attempts to stop growing up, such as…

  • Stopping myself from sleeping so I don’t grow.
  • Sucking my thumb until the age of ten. (Well, that wasn’t my fault)
  • Not wearing short skirts
  • Believing in the tooth fairy and Santa until December 2011, when I was 11. (I’m a millennium baby)
  • Being generally childish and wearing my hair in younger styles.
  • Having a chocolate stash in my bedroom.

My childhood doesn’t completely end at the age of 13, it’s more the beginning of the end. I should really think about being 12.

Advantages and disadvantages of being 12:


According to my car’s instructions, I’m now allowed in the front. (I’ve ignored that ‘rule’ anyway)

I can still look forward to being a teenager.

I can still say stupid things and get away with it.

I can still paint/draw rubbish pictures and get praise.



So, I’ve got a whole year ahead of me. By the time I am 16, I will be offered plastic surgery for my keloid. Being a person who has no self-respect, and never bothers about how she looks, I will of course turn the offer down.  My targets for being 12 are:

  • Save up at least £10 pocket money, and keep it like that for a week.
  • Write a story. (The only thing I’m even marginally good it is writing)
  • Improve my handwriting
  • Finally draw a picture that I am proud of.
  • Stand up to the ‘friends’ that keep putting me down.
  • Go into town by myself and do shopping for my Mum.
  • Enjoy my life and stop feeling so depressed all the time.
  • Own a house.

Sorry that this post has been about me, me, me, I, I, I!