CPA Chat

Hello CPA, this is the CPA Talk page where you can chat about stuff going around the army, CP or anything you want, but make sure you follow these rules:

1. Don’t insult other people

2. Don’t give out personal info

3. Don’t annoy others

4. Don’t spam

5. Have fun!

6. No swearing of any sort

7. No sexist or racist comments
Get The_CPA_Club_Penguin_Army chat group | Goto The_CPA_Club_Penguin_Army website


17 thoughts on “CPA Chat

  1. You can plan a recruiting event if you like, but you’ll have to run it through with Bob first, because he’s in charge of the infantry.

  2. Hello. I am Cherrypepsi9, founder of the Green Army Of Club Penguin (GAOCP). Since I just started the GAOCP, I decided I need some allies. Would you like to be on of our allies?

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