Leader: Bob1960s

Co Leader(s): Mimo1099



Tank Drivers (infantry 2):

Foot Soldiers (infantry 1): Whitewind, Lilybokor, Silvercamero, Penguinpeg20,Yo Some, Cool dude122, Giulian2, Creativity 14, Tmw12, Waddley7699, Rockyou41, Slippykicky (???)


Spy 1 (fully trained):

Spy 2 (mid training):

Spy 3 (beginner):

Advisors: Timegirl4468, Nosey47514


20 thoughts on “Ranks

  1. So to rank up we gotta me active around the site and take place in events right? Well one problem. In the middle of an event don’t be surprised if I just leave because I lose connection on CP alot. And yes I did everything it says to do if that happens. >:-(

  2. C’mon Small! I’m gonna be much more active now, I got my account working again. At least General, that’ll do me good.

  3. Egnition#

    Permission to engage in Spot offers conversation:
    i wish to fill the Spy 1 spot i have training with cpm and a breif session with acp
    my tactics are much sufficient for the job please get back to me as soon as you can.

  4. Nosey is right. The CPA spy training is unique to the CPA. For all we know, your training could be completely different to our standards. Thank you for offering to join anyway, we are happy to add you to our infantry ranks, and I am sure Nosey will train you as a CPA spy.

  5. We look at their website and we join them, which means we can get a lot of their information. Earn their trust, bring them down. Actually, that could be a good motto for the spies!

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