Hall of Fame

This is the hall of fame. It is currently under construction but I will post it anyway. First, let me quickly apologize if I forgot the numbers after penguin names…

Icyfresh2 (the guy who started it all)

Icyfresh2 was one of the greatest penguins ever to live, he made the CPA and was very badly mistreated on club penguin, due to somebody hacking his account and getting him banned forever. I never knew icyfresh2 but I have some old posts from people who knew him-

One of my best buddies, Icy Fresh 2 has been banned forever!
Sad, I know. He was a great penguin.
The reason he is banned forever is because a penguin named 1fiddy went on his account and banned him forever! It is sad that such a great penguin was banned.

-Ompaloompa64 of the Club penguins

Hello Penguins,
Give Icy Fresh a Big Thank you because he is fixing our Secrets Category, I myself do not know how to do it so he will be Repairing that and fixing another few things! In other News Moderator Try-outs are coming in November, I need to Add some more Categories and I will give you my E-mail so you can Tryout! Until then…..

Waddle on,
Dendo Guy

If you know Icy Fresh 2 (you probably do, he is known for his infamous site. Don’t worry, we’re buddies.), PLEASE SUPPORT HIM. He has many bad things happening to him because of hacking. (don’t worry, I’m a good hacker, not like 1 Fiddy, who wrecked his site) Here are the things.
Gotten banned from Club Penguin.
Site wrecked by 1 Fiddy, explained later.
Has been betrayed by one of his friends, Dapryn (1 Fiddy is using his account).
Had to make a new account on WordPress, Icy Frech 2, because Icy Fresh 2 was banned.
But, there is always the good against the bad.
Got many people rooting for him.
Everyone supporting him is technically spamming CP’s e-mail with “Un-Ban Icy” titles.
I am supporting him.
Now, about 1 Fiddy. 1 Fiddy is just a very evil person that wrecks EVERYTHING (friendships, blogs, connections, posts, etc.).

~Dark Blader

Icy Fresh 2 was on of the best penguins I had ever meet. I only had known him for a short amount of time, about 2 month, because my best friend, Anakin Luke, had gotten into his CPA. I meet him once at a CPA meeting with Anakin. He was so great and powerful. Then when I heard that he was banned forever and disappeared, it was too much for me to handle. Later that week, after himself and his site were destroyed, Anakin Luke got an e-mail. He, the General, had been made Leader of the CPA. He has saved that possession from the start of the war to now. Because there were no members of the CPA left, Anakin made me the Vice Leader, in place of Zee Zo. I too have saved that duty to now. But no one can EVER replace Icy Fresh 2. He was a Leader and a Warrior of the Best. No One will ever forget him.

CPA Vice Leader, Pika 260~

Pika260 (the next person I’ve got on my list, I agree about the cuteness of the pikamouse!)

Pika was a great penguin who showed his amazing abilities as vice leader, once again this was before my generation so I will again show you some old posts, but just after this amazing picture…

Posted on by CPA Site | Edit
Hello. This is CPA Vice Leader Pika 260. After careful considerations, and lots of time in CP, I have chosen to Resign as CPA Vice Leader. I know this is a big choice and I know I will miss you all, but it is my time. After I leave, I have thought about who the next Vice Leader will be. I think that Da Boyo Is the right man for the job and I hope he will do the CPA Proud. I will leave it to Leader Indy 11 to update the CPA and I will give him my password onto my CPA WordPress Account for any other info. I know you will all miss me, and I will miss it all. It has Been a pleasure working with you all, and I won’t forget any of you soon. But Remember, Where today it is me……. We all shall fall.
Former CPA Vice Leader, Pika 260
Goodbye, and Good Luck.
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2 Responses to “Vice Leader Resigns.”
edwadu, on September 17th, 2008 at Said: Edit Comment
Why are you doing this!?!?
Bye Pika and good luck
Da Boyo, on September 17th, 2008 at Said: Edit Comment
im going to miss you pika =(. I thank you for your generosity and i will do my best to lead the CPA with flip

WADLESWORTH1 (Was only known as Army General)

“Hello this is wadlesworth1. I have noticed a lot more wars going on in Club Penguin lateley and groups are popping up everywhere. The CPM, CPR, CPH, special OPS, CPA, and more. I have no problem with these I mean, why would I unless they start trouble then I don’t like it. The only group i don’t like is the ACP. Anyone heard of them? I Have. They call themselves the Army of Club Penguin, and they claim to have been here before the CPA. I dislike them they are rude and vile and I believe them to be imposters and copycats. So remember everyone CPA is good, ACP is bad. I just feel they are an army against CP not for them and I hope Anakin will get everyone together to put a stop to them, or there might be a civil war. But anyway no matter what group you join have fun, help others and please be nice. Thank you. One of your leaders and one of your friends, Wadlesworth1″

This was the last large post towards the war by Wadlesworth before disappearing. He was a great man. A great person. A great soul. About a month after this was wrote, Wadles had disappeared. Two weeks after, he was let go from the CPA. His last Comment on his last Post answering something that Indy had said to him:

“Comment 3. Wadles – June 9, 2008
Nah, Sonic really isn’t my thing. I uploaded this here, so I could use it for something else, which is for a forum to sell. You can sell siggies you make there =P anyways hello everyone, been busier than ever over here, lots of stuff going on. Haven’t seen any of you for a while…”

A new General was appointed along with the WordPress return of Our Leader, Indy 11. But our memories of and for Wadles can not be replaced. He will be part of the history of this war and Club Penguin Forever. And we will miss him…

Pika 260~

If you would like to mourn of celebrate the penguins and people of this war, please comment.
If you would like someone added to this list please comment with the entire article and a link to a picture of the penguin. Note: this is a new page and has not been competed to our own potential, so give it some time.

Indy11 (next of course, it’s the most famous of them all, a true indiana jones fan and please, check out his youtube channel)

Indy11 is of course most famous for being the longest leader in office, but also for being a great fan of this guy…

Indy11 is probably the most famous, but he didn’t even create the site! We all remember him for being friendly, loyal and kind hearted. He is 17 now and sometimes pops in from time to time, so keep a look out for him! Here’s his most recent post at time of writing-

Checking in : )

How is everyone, seems like Timegirl just left. We’ve all seemed to move onto our own things. Pika and I are still friends and we found Wadlesworth on facebook along with some others. haha.

Just keep on going though! pursue your interests!

We were very lucky, because a lot of 17 year olds wouldn’t dare coming to a place that people consider to be for 6 year olds!

DA BOYO (Was VL, Vice Gen, Comander, & Supervisor)

Da Boyo served in the CPA for a total of 3.5 Years. He started out as a Trooper (Now known as Sentry Soldiers) He wasn’t a big help with the CPA at first, but dreamed of being Leader or Vice Leader. Da Boyo took a break with only telling Icy Fresh. He was always updated with the CPA though. When the time of the war with Dapryn & Icy Fresh came, Da Boyo didnt really like it so stayed out of the CPA for a long time. He came back at about 12 years old, and signed up. Started up as a Supervisor since he had already had experience. Got very into it and helped out with all the wars. Da Boyo, Edwadu, Filipondio, & Kooolmonster with the help of some drafted penguins conquered the ACP in battle. Da Boyo was promoted to VL 30 days later when Pika 260 quit. Da Boyo felt tired now though. Da Boyo was getting more involved in personal life things & didnt have time for CP or CPA. Da Boyo is now 14 and an Administrator on the site.

Edwadu (Was Sergeant, Commander, VL, and Leader)

Edwadu one day searched Club penguin Indiana jones hat and the CPA site came up(who knew). He found them there, and then decided to join. He started going around the site, eager for a rank. Then he got elite sentry soilder. He kept going around and stay active and finally got in the 7 as seargeant. Then when he got to commander he was as happy as could be, depending on that the commander leads the army when the leader is not on. By that time Boyo was VL. We took out an entire group of ACP(like 20 or 30) with only about 5-10 troops. Then some guy reported us for winning. Once Indy quit, he was thinking he would finally be VL and boyo would be leader. But when he announced that Edwadu was leader, I was jumping up and down, LITERALLY!

Filipondio/ Tomyhills (Was Cadet Leader, General, VL, Commander, and Leader.)

I started playin Club penguin (http://www.clubpenguin.com ) since April 3rd 2007. First, I was searching google for club penguin armys and this appeared. I joined but nobody payed atention to me until i met Indy 11 on CP. I became Sentry soldier supervisor or Cadet Leader. After a few battles i managed to get General, Vice leader, Commander and now, leader. I started as Filipondio but he was a really powerful guy ( One of the lead vikings, CPA General, Friend of the leader of the ACP, leader and founder of the CPM) as you see, some people were jealus of his (my) power and a bad penguin called 1fiddycp ( a very powerful haker) haked him. luckily, he had another penguin called tomyhils. Now I play as tomyhils. The CPA is one of the only armys that fight only for peace. And as Icyfresh2 said once, Do the right thing at the right time!


She is one of our most kind and loyal members. She left at the age of 15, and was sorely missed. Timegirl was very kind and was not easily annonyed. She was happy whatever rank and made a lot of friends! When deleting old join page comments, I discovered that she made a join comment every year! Timegirl was friends with everyone, had strong opinions on everything and made fair agreements, even if they didn’t suit her! Timegirl was temporary leader at some points in her time, and also was made leader a few times!

Zigi79894 also known as Bob1960s- Current 2nd in Command

Zigi has had an interesting time in this army. When he joined the army, he was a loyal, active member, and he enjoyed the army so much he told his friend. Sadly, his parents looked at the website and decided that we were all weirdos (I don’t think they were right *hint* *hint*). Zigi had to leave. At first, there were a few arguements and complications, so Zigi turned against us. It was hard times but we got through and Zigi rejoined with a full apology and forgiveness from everyone in the army. Zigi was given a high place on the ranks, and once settled in was found to be a kind and popular member of the army! Here’s his life story that he wrote for this-

I joined a long time before this generation. In the time of a leader named Edwadu. Back in March 2009, I remember asking Timegirl if I could be a spy. She said no, I wasn’t active enough. I ended up being one later on. The time I joined was really cool because it was when the future of CPA starting joining. People like Debob1, breaseblock, and Violut. I got promoted and promoted, I got obsessed with CPA. I even told my neighbor, a penguin named Mimo1099 about CPA. Then my parents said I was a crazy kid and I was obsessed with CPA, so they told me to get off.

I came back a few times and told Flip to put me on the HoF. He agreed, but Timegirl said no, the highest rank I had was Vice Army General. A while later, I grew impatient. I went on CPA again. This time I was upset to hear that Violut and brease had left. I was happy, because I came just in time for Timegirl becoming leader again.  In this new generation of CPA, sometimes I would give ideas and Indy11 would question me, but a penguin named Biokid0 would go ahead and say “No that’s just stupid.” I hung on a while, and finally I became an Army General. The ranks were Leader: Timegirl Vice Leader: Indy11 and then me. Then I got a little inactive again and my rank dropped, about the same time Nosey’s rose up and Small joined.

I got mad when Nosey put me on the ranks again, so I started cursing out CPA of how they weren’t getting anywhere. I rejoined so I could help change that. I was looking at the old posts and comments, everyone said I was a good penguin. Well, I didn’t feel like one. But now I’m back, and I’m here to help rebuild CPA.

Smallpengi12- current Leader

Smallpengi12, one of the newest members of the group. It’s very hard to talk about this person (seeing as she is the one writing this one right now). I suppose I can be contrary at times, but I try to do what’s best for the army, and everything I do has the CPA’s best interests at heart. I wrote a story of my time at the CPA-

I started The CPA some time around the end of 2010. I was so inactive that I can barely remember what it was like.  All I remember is that it was falling fast. Like Tony the Singing Bus Driver falling down a vertical cliff. (Don’t ask) After a while, I knew things had to change. That’s when I started AAOCP in league with Timegirl. It lasted for a while, although people refused to join without even giving a reason. Then, things were exactly the same for a while. 4 kids. Timegirl4468 (age 15) leading, Nosey (age 12) helping, then me and Debob just tagging along. I remember the time when I first wanted to be leader. That’s when I got active. Things changed and I commented all the time. Then I was made an author (after a lot of begging). I posted more than anyone else. Before I was author there was about 1 post every 2 weeks. Then, I posted like 5 posts in a day. Things really were changing. Then, things were the same for a while. Posts came in bouts, not steadily. We’d get days with 1 short post, and days with 20 long posts. Then, I noticed that Nosey was VERY inactive. He was leader at the time. When I told him my feelings, he said there were problems at home. I knew exactly how he felt (being in the same situation myself), and told him he should take a break and let Debob be leader. (Debob was Vice Leader at the time, so it was only fair). But, after a few days Nosey left ME in charge for 30 days. It came as a bit of a shock, but I was over the moon. He made me an admin and I did all I could to help bring us up. I got my younger brother and sister involved, I made many changes by making a new header and background and changing the theme. I deleted all the comments off the join page and the chat page. It took me a long time but I was pleased with myself and others were too. Timegirl had left a few weeks before, on November the 5th. At this time of writing, I am in the middle of my temporary leadership. So, the moral of this story is ‘Try your best and you will succeed’.

I hope that people don’t hate me too much!

Debob1- current 2nd in Command with Zigi79894/Bob1960s

Debob is the most experienced person that is currently in CPA.  He joined around March/April 2009 around the time Zigi, Breaseblock, and Violut joined.  It was a good time in CPA, Timegirl was leading, Flip was Vice Leading, and then there was those 4.  But everyone left after a while, except Debob.  Then Zigi came back, but he left again, and came back again.  But Debob stayed the whole time and he has a lot of CPA knowledge.  Debob has always expressed his opinion, but when people disagree he always tries to keep everyone happy.  Even though it seemed like this army had no hope, Debob came and tried his best to get us going again.  Despite he didn’t make it as leader, he was still as active as ever, and gave me (Smallpengi12) good advice to keep the army going.  



26 thoughts on “Hall of Fame

  1. ok but everyone should be in order of joining so i can be b4 brease, mimo, small, nosey, bubjub, and i think im b4 u but ill let u got first since you created this page

  2. I did a few updates to the page Debob. I fixed some grammar and added a few people. If you don’t like what I’ve done, feel free to delete it and add what you like. This is your page after all!


  3. i like it but… im putting about 15 people in order of appearance so even timegirl is pretty low down on my list. ive emailed indy11 to try and get some more info but no reply so anybody who can contact him… deeply appreciated

    • I was here since March 2009, so was Debob. Weve done a lot. Smalls been doing a lot of work these days. We all deserve to be on there.

  4. we have worked hard, we have just come out of a very large decline in the army. a few weeks ago there was only three people in the army and, if you think getting the army back on its feet is not an achievement then… tell me what you think because thats what nice people do

  5. I am happy to be in the hall of fame, and I wouldn’t object if people decided I hadn’t done enough work to be on there and took me off. I know I’ve only done major work for about 20 days, so I am not as famous as Indy11 or Icyfresh2.

  6. You obviously havent done enough work. If you were working hard, you’d be in the top ten by now. xD

    I mean, your trying, but, trying doesnt get you anywhere.
    I took a army from 10th in small army top ten to 1st in the medium top ten in a month. Just saying, try to get a famous person to help.

  7. I found 1 fiddys wordpress and I trash talked him lol. I put a fake name and email so he would not hack me cuz he is STILL hacking. >:-(

  8. is the picture of icyfresh2 him/her in the uniform?
    (I only just became a member so I don’t know much)
    Are the enimies bad to clubpenguin?

  9. anyway how did ifiddy get onto his acount because he should get BANNED FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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