You might need to click some of the following images to enlarge (To make visible)…

War in the dojo; During a ACP Vs. UMA Vs. CPA war:

and One showing the strength of the CPA!

This is a Picture of Indiana Jones, one of the greatest action hero ever, who’s name influenced Indy 11.

A Picture of a Pika Mouse in which Pika 260 saw in a school text book and thought were cool.

Most of the Item Dances able on Club Penguin, Made By Indy 11:

This is a pic of a penguin with a really messed up, glitch (or not?) player card.

This is a comic about the secret of the ski shop, made by Indy 11:

This is when Indy 11 became buddies with Mace! A MOD:

This is a rather old pic of Icy fresh 2 at the iceburg:

This is a pic of Theredviper, aka Icy fresh 2:

This is a pic of the mods and Indy (seem familiar?):

this is a pic of Rockhopper when Indy 11 first met him:

and this is a pic from “Ice Fishing” in which shows what happens when you catch mullet:

Dude808 meets rockhopper
((alot of pics coming up;
Dude808 in purple circle,
Rockhopper in Red circle;


(fake Ninjas)
Ninja attack!

These following pictures are of Indy 11 meeting Rcokhopper for the 4th time:

These next pictures were taken the same day as the previous pictures were taken, Indy 11 met Rockhopper twice in the same day (August, 16th, 2008):

I (Indy 11) drew this picture in my Bible =D

I also drew this comic

I also drew this comic…

Another ninja sighting…



131 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Yes,it is confusing, you would think im talking about pokemon’s pikachu. but really i was in school and in a geogrophy textbook there was a picture of a Pika Mouse^. I really thought it was cool so i tried to make Pika 360, you know like 360 degrees, but it had allready been taken so i Made it Pika 260, 100 less!

  2. HelLO!!
    iM yoUR ALLIe OH YEah!!!
    ThiS ComenT Is PrEEtY wierD
    YoU KnoW How i wroTE iT aNd wHY ItΒ΄S wiERd

  3. Hello,
    -Please no spam comment’s (As in…”I like Pie”)
    -I do like pie though…Blueberry pie, pumkin pie, and some other pie.
    -If you see some one commenting as “Icy Fresh 2” they are not the legendary Icy Fresh 2.
    -What color puffle should I get?

    -CPA Leader,
    Indy 11

  4. that was me LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Blacky, Stop!
    This is spamming…
    just saying stuff for no reason, filling and slowing sites, and impersonating and insulting people? i would expect better.

  6. how am i sopost to know what spam meens im only in second grade (i thought this would be funny…)P.S. how am i insulting people? im not saying that there wierd or dumb or anything like that now you have to edmit that i have a good point

  7. Guys yall havent commented in like a CENTURY oh and by the way cpa leader indy11 sir wich movie is that indiana jones picture from?
    thx for reading this!

  8. oh and that player card thing cookee hes using a hacking program its ginda obvious and i think we should have a theme song and i have an idea but everyone in the CPA has to atleast be in the third grade
    ready? Lollipop by Lil wayne
    if not then Indiana jones theme song
    Waddle over and out

  9. See? i knew u were ion the CPA da boyo!!!!!! i used WW4ever and u wouldnt even answer my question LOL i told u im not a spy

  10. let me join and i swear even if swearing is bad ill doit for cpa that if you let me join next time i see aunt artic and rockhopper ill thell them to say to join the club penguin army he will because he went to my igloo and said im his 3rd best friend and he would visit me when i was conected and he arrives to cp

  11. UCPA solgers have made a choice to have a war with the ACP thay sayed thay were good and thay are not so lets go CPA UCPA+CPA

  12. some crazy kindergardeners call themselves ” the divers team” i mean its stupid they think there kewl but thats not even official i meen come on!!!!!

  13. Pingback: CPA

  14. cool good idea for the agent quarters HAY who wants to meet me on 17th september 2010 on snowboard BTW my penguins called LBP1263 so look out for me at the snow forts

  15. Hey can you please tell me how you got those penguins to look like that on the last pic I already know how to make the ones that are sleeping and the ones that clap but how do you make those penguins that are orange and the are busy falling where do you get that picture???

  16. Hey can you please tell me how you got those penguins to look like that on the last pic I already know how to make the ones that are sleeping and the ones that clap but how do you make those penguins that are orange and light blue that are busy falling where do you get that picture???

  17. Can you tell me how you made those falling penguins please!!! (not the sleeping ones) How and where did you get those pictures because I got the sleep and clap ones in sled race!!!
    How do you get the ones that are busy falling!!!???
    Please, Please, Please!!!

  18. Hello, I haven’t EVER met IcyFresh2, but I KNOW it isn’t you. 1, if you were as great a penguin as you’re told to be, you wouldn’t be commenting like that. And 2, I think IcyFresh completely moved on from any CP related things…

  19. Oh and I think Nosey is impersonating Icy, so Timegirl can you check the IPs? I mean they have the same picture so,…

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