Part I by Indy11 and Pika260

1. Icy Fresh 2

2. Anakin Luke

3. A New Time

4. Indy 11

5. Indy and the bug

6. A new era

7. A new Leader, a new Hope

8. CPA Returns!

9. CPA vs ACP

10. CPA and ACP

Part II

11. From time to Time by Zigi79894/Bob1960s

12. Timegirl4468 by Nosey47514

13. Nosey and Shift by Nosey47514

14. Overthrown by Nosey47514

Chapter 1: Icy Fresh 2

The CPA was started by Icy Fresh 2, Icy fresh 2 created a website on wordpress: http://flyboy6464.wordpress.com …This is the first CPA here:
LEADER: Icy fresh 2,
ARMY GENERAL: Bunnyboy123 (Then comes: Anakin Luke)
SERGEANT: 101 crew,

Chapter 2: Anakin Luke.

Then, out of nowhere. ICY FRESH 2, BANNED FOREVER. some one had hacked on his account to end his goodness. He was gone. But a few days before this happened Icy Fresh 2 met Anakin Luke and then Icy told Anakin Luke that he would get the CPA. He got the CPA….The CPA Was Handed over to the Army general Anakin Luke!

Chapter 3: A New Time

Anakin Luke became pretty well known starting back the CPA…But it was too late. The CPA had lost popularity when Icy Fresh 2 and his site was destroyed…and some thing new was also born…the ACP (Army of Club Penguin), The Club Penguin Army was now facing the Army of Club Penguin. It’s names sounded the same. But It still wasn’t the same…

Chapter 4: Indy 11

Then, Headline.”Anakin Luke Banned Forever!” He was hacked and destroyed just like Icy Fresh 2! The New Leader, Indy 11(Anakin’s back-up Penguin). Now The Three highest ranks of the CPA, Indy 11 (Leader), Pika 260 (Vice Leader), and Wadelsworth1(Army General). There were Penguins signing up left and right. It was just as Icy fresh 2 would have Wanted.

Chapter 5: Indy and the Bug

Weeks went by without a word from Indy. Then Pika 260 posted a Very depressing post.”Indy’s Computer’s anti-spyware won’t let him come back to wordpress”. Sadness. Penguins started to quit the CPA for different reasons, some for Indy, and others without any reason, they thought the CPA wouldn’t hold up. Within two months 7 penguins had left. So Pika 260 and Wadelsworth1 went to make history on there own…although Indy was still Leader…

Chapter 6: The New Era

Now the “CPA Site” is being updated by a lot.

Chapter 7: A New Leader, A New Hope.

Because Indy couldn’t come to the site, he promoted Pika 260 to Leader and Demoted himself to Vice Leader. New Times, New Leader, New Hope…just maybe…

Chapter 8: CPA Returns!

For About Three months, the “CPA Site” has fallen. Pika 260 cannot be found. Then new post came telling of Indy’s 11 Leadership has returned. Indy 11 (Anakin luke) as Leader and Pika as the Vice Leader once more.

Chapter 9: CPA vs. ACP

After our new member Lukaria found out that the ACP, one of our worst enemies (next to UMA), was forming a Club Penguin Civil War, we needed to do something. Opening the option that you can act as a Sentry Soldier for the CPA and protect in it’s name, lots of people have been trying to help. Hoping they will stop, Indy 11 (Leader), and Pika 260 (Vice Leader) have been trying to catch the ACP leader in the act!

Chapter 10: CPA and ACP

The Club Penguin Army (CPA) and the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) have allied then un-allied, and then allied again in early July 2008. Indy 11 has become buddies with Fort57, the ACP’s old Leader. and there is a new army rising…The Mad Penguins…Why are they so mad? How can we stop them? Who is their Leader?

Chapter 11: From time to Time
And after that nothing really happened with CPA, except Indy and Pika leaving, and Edwadu taking over. Around the time Edwadu left, I joined. There was a poll on the blog-Who should be next leader? I didn’t know either of the people on there so I picked some guy named Da Boyo. But then a few days later, Da Boyo said he was leaving CPA and Timegirl4468 became leader. Timegirl is a CPA legend, she was in the army for 3 years, actually she was only 6 months  older than me in CPA. But she stayed with CPA even when she wasnt leading. (That’s when I wasn’t here.) New people like Debob and I started getting higher in CPA. Until there were 6 people on the ranks-Timegirl, Flip, Violut, Me, Debob, and then Breaseblock. Oh, and Edwadu was also there but very inactive. Soon I left CPA only to return again and again.

Chapter 12: Timegirl4468

Timegirl led the army for almost 2 years and left in April 2011. She improved almost everything about the site. Debob1, Biokid, Zigi79894, Nosey47514 and Smallpengi12 were also within the ranks. Shift joined the Army.

Chapter 13: Nosey and Shift

After Timegirl left (deciding she was too old for the CPA) she promoted Nosey to Leader and Shift to Deputy. Then suddenly out of nowhere… BAM! Shift disapeared. Debob1 was appointed new Deputy. Nosey led the Army until December 2011 when…

Chapter 14: Overthrown

He was overthrown by Zigi79894, Debob1 and Smallpengi12, making Smallpengi12 leader. The CPA may make a comeback to fame soon, who could ever know? We will rise again… someday.

Chapter 15: Or maybe we won’t come back

On August 1st 2012, Nosey47514 came back to the site, only to find it dead. Smallpengi12 was nowhere to be found, nor was Bob1960s. Nosey quickly informed advisor Timegirl4468 and promoted himself to leader. It looks like this is the end of the CPA.

~CPA Team


23 thoughts on “History

  1. i remember the day he posted that he was banned by dapryn there was a huge fight with dapryn and some other CPA guys i remember scrolling down over and over. everyone was talking to trash to him he kept saying that he didnt hack icy (but he did) then Icy came and said something like “Guys Please keep it PG, and so what if im a nerd (someone called him a nerd i think it was dapryn) i dont care what you guys say, just plz keep it PG” that day was terrible =(

  2. i have seen this acp people i have been trying to destroy them if only i could hack MWA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAA

  3. lol i was in the mad penguins, i was 3rd in command:)
    Our leader was paris, we waz awsome and we thrashed fort’s acp every week 😛

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